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YouNet è alla ricerca di 8 partecipanti e 2 group leader  per uno scambio giovanile sui temi multiculturalismo, tolleranza e danza.

 “Dance for Tolerance” Youth Exchange

Karpacz, Poland

18-31 August 2014

Participants age: 18-25 anniDanza

Group leader: no age limits

Title: “Dance for Tolerance “

Type of project: Youth exchange financed by the European Programme Erasmus+

Dates: 18-31/08/2014

Place: Karpacz, Poland

Host organization: CREATIVE FACTORY – Association for Cultural and Artistic Events (POLAND)

Participating countries: Turkey, Poland and Italy


“Dance for tolerance” is a socio-artistic project. It has been created as an answer, to follow up and to understand young people needs. Its aim is to improve life status of youths in modern world.

We can still observe the crisis effects in EU. There are problems in finding a job especially for young people. It’s hard for them to start an adult life.

This brings some frustrating questions. Do people from other countries steal our jobs? Are they taking away our development possibilities? To understand we need tolerance resources. Having them is only possible if people decide to cooperate and to get to know each other. Meeting young people from different countries and cultures gives an opportunity to do that.

Moreover young people understand the need of rising qualifications for becoming more valuable on a job market. In this exchange we want to help them developing their skills and experiences in: management skills, languages, social and artistic skills and new technologies.

Each participant will receive Youthpass that certifies competences gained during the project.

30 people, aged 18-25, from Poland, Italy and Turkey will participate in the exchange. Many of them have to struggle with some economic or social difficulties. Some of them have already done they first difficult step for arising on job market.

Each group participates in every stage of the project: preparation, meeting, evaluation and dissemination. Youngsters are supported by group leaders. Their role is rather to animate and encourage in realizing youth ideas than giving and forcing theirs.

multiculturalismoEach group prepares: discussion on intolerance problems in own country, stereotypes and prejudices on other nations; national evening (presentation of culture and lifestyle in own country); folklore or contemporary dance workshops.

All workshops will contain creative activity methods. It will allow all young participants active learning. The exchange activities will also contain new media and technologies (PowerPoint presentation, movies, photos …).

Everyone participates in creating and promoting open funpage and group on Facebook, called “Dance for tolerance”. This place will be our forum for thoughts exchange. Also for everyone interested after the project.

Each country will prepare (during the meeting and after it) PowerPoint presentation and movies which will show personal experiences from the meeting.

Each group after coming back will share those materials with its organization, local and region. Also each group will give at least one dance workshops which they learned on the exchange.

Flashmob – artistic finalization of the exchange will be the result of teamwork and intercultural cooperation; the result of increasing artistic skills and including local society.

All local and countrywide media will be informed about the exchange. We will also cooperate with local authorities and companies.

After the exchange we plan to cooperate with partners organizations: evaluation, new projects, experience exchange, etc.

Among young people we count on: stereotype breaking, language barriers breaking, language learning motivation (especially English language), professional competencies development (useful on job market).

Financial conditions:

–              Food, accommodation and activities are fully covered by the project and provided by the host organization;

–              Travel is reimbursed up to a ceiling of 170 euros in total;

–              YouNet association fee: 50 euros  (to be paid only if selected).

Through participating at this Exchange you will get a Youthpass certification.

To participate at the selection, fill the following form by Sunday 29th June:

The selected participants will be informed on 30th.

 To get more information contact with us through our email address: