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Sede operativa

Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

What they say about “Rising Up”!




Now that this unforgettable exchange has come to its end, it is time to review what we have learnt. 9 days in a beautiful place called Savigno, between the mountains near Bologna, gave 28 guys from 6 different countries the opportunity to share moments, thoughts, past experiences and future expectations. The countries involved in this project were Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Denmark and Italy, but we felt as we were from the same country.
Each of us gave and received something, we learnt about other countries’ culture and routine, we compared situations, and discussed about some topics such as identity, inclusion, sharing, religion, and others connected with the topics of the project, like leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, and team work, always in a non-formal way, typical of this type of Youth Exchange.

We spent our days between energizers, learning activities and workshops held by the various groups, between laughs, jokes and games. Those moments will be impressed in our minds forever: we were feeling to contribute to something bigger than us, something that without us would have never been possible – like that. We are the citizens of Europe and, by participating in such a beautiful project, we really strengthen this concept.

Now we are able to see things in different ways, due to others’ point of view. As human beings and European citizens, we have the duty to impart this values to our compatriots and to the next generations.




The Hug a Foreigner campaign was a way to bring the ideas and the activities about leadership and entrepreneurship proposed in our Youth Exchange to people. It was a fun way to reach out to people to explain how an exchange works and how we were working on the themes of the project – but what would you have chosen instead of free hugs?

All the participants put themselves on the line, trying to achieve the same goals, that we established in the previous days, by hugging as many people as possible. We meant to be the managers of a company who has to sell its product, and to do this we had to convince people about its values and utilities. Before doing this, each of us had to answer to some key questions, necessary when trying to set up a business. We were divided in small groups and each team explained its own idea about how to sell a hug, the reason why we were doing it, and what we had to do in order to convince people to buy our product. Then, we choose the best idea, comparing it with the others and selecting the strongest and the weakest points, and prepared all the materials needed. We had t-shirts, fliers, frames, and a great will to hug people!

After the whole day in Bologna, we were really proud about what we have done that day! With a simple gesture, we gave happiness and little moments of amusement from everyday life. It was really satisfying seeing children, men, women and elderly people just coming to us, giving a hug and then going away with a smile on their faces. We will never forget such a wonderful day in Bologna.




Thanks to YouNet, an NGO association, I could take part to this beautiful exchange, that let me meet 27 new friends from different countries. First of all, it was not easy to communicate with them, because of my non-perfect English. Fortunately, there was the Spanish team, that I could freely express myself with, as I have been studying Spanish for many years. This limit of expression in a foreign language was yet the first challenge that I met. Improving my English communication, also for my future job – I hope -, was my first goal to achieve.

During this experience, I lived together in the same venue with guys from different places and with different habits: we cooked together (“too much pasta” they say), cleaned, organized games, activities and workshops. It was a great experience also on this point of view, because I grew as a person and as a man. Living together with people of your country is already difficult – you can immagine what about doing it with foreigners. So, if you want to do such an experience, bring with you more patience that you usually have, try to find compromises, and keep in mind that you are different people from different cultures because, only doing this, you can live an unforgettable exchange.

I strongly recommend participating in exchanges like this, because of the enrichment of your skills, of your language and of your cultural baggage: what is better than learning new things and new languages through practice?

Michele Treggia.