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Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
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Terra di Tutti Film Festival

1One morning to discover the”Terra di Tutti” festival

By Amy & Louise, YouNet EVS


This 8th edition started at 9am. We were greeted by the festival organizers and speakers and introduced to the directors of the short films we had seen during that morning.

After these brief presentations we explored the room, place in which we mingled with the2 guests present. On the morning of Oct. 10th, the public was largely academic, in fact, the goal of the festival was expanding knowledge of the young people about the problems that poorer countries may be facing with and the solutions that the people put in place in order to “survive”.

The  program was rich in emotions and new knowledge.

3First of all we have taken part in the opening of the festival with the announcement of the program.

The first film we had the chance to watch exclusively dealt with countries in development  (Ecuador, Bangladesh…) and support that exists.4

Specifically the creation of different structures promoting the so-called “Microcredit”, namely the classic microcredit (low), mutual solidarity and micro credit zero rate. It was amazing to see all the ways that can be implemented if people communicate in order to help the whole social structure to have a reasonable “normal” standard of living.

After the screening a mini-debate was opened to share different views and better understand that the key parts associated with the development of a country depends on the development and the moral condition of its people, “We are not poor, we certainly work, we have low incomes but we are not poor”(from the film).


The second film had a completely different educational value:”Quello che resta” deals with the subject of post-war (Bosnia) and trace that remains despite the rebuilding: emotional memories that result, ditches created that can’t be met, the lives of the forgotten, the memory of the dead and especially the physical reconstruction does not restore lost communication.

A second little debate on this subject took place after the film, with the participation of students, including a young person who had met a “survivor” of that period.

And to complete this rich emotional morning there was also a light animation on intercultural exchange and the World Service.

To participate in this Festival was a discovery of many interesting things. We look forward to the next year6 to see with new eyes the global evolution through these films made by “virtually” anonymous filmmakers but having the ability to make us see reality as it is thanks to valuable testimony.


See you next year for new discoveries!