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Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

TC in Spagna

“EAR: Education Against Racism”

 Training Course sul razzismo

Coy (Lorca), Spgna

15-23 gennaio 2015

images (1)Participants age: over 18 years old

Participants profile: youth workers or youth leaders with experience in the theme of racism. Good communication skills in english will be considerated a plus (at least B1).

Dates: 15-23/01/2015 The travel days  will be on 15th and on 23rd January 2015.

Place: The training will take place in Coy, a little village near Lorca, in Murcia (Spain)

Hosting organisation: Cazalla Intercultural,

Involved countries: Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland (5 participants per country will attend the TC)

Theme: invisible racism images

This project will be developed in Spain, Italy, Romania and Poland, the countries which collaborate to develop methods and activities to prevent, detect and combat the “invisible racism” in schools. The invisible racism consists of racist or discriminatory attitudes that are socially accepted or naturalized. EAR proposes a cross-sectoral approach between non-governmental organizations with experience in non-formal learning and in intercultural projects, as well as in projects about Human Rights and in schools or educational institutions. In the first phase of EAR 4 youth workers will go abroad to collect first-hand information about the reality that young people live in, as well as about the activities that take place in organizations and institutions. They will also provide workshops for teachers on methods of non formal education and for students and teachers about the Erasmus+ Programme. After the course, a toolkit will be developed by the youth workers involved in mobilities to collect tools adapted to the time, space and students in schools to prevent and combat racism and discrimination, as well as strategies to detect and combat the invisible racism in classrooms. This toolkit will be printed and published in the .pdf format and presented at national conferences in each country to be attended by a total of 200 people. With this project we want to achieve an increase in the quality of teaching in schools, professionals with new skills and approaches, a fruitful collaboration between formal and non-formal education that allows the assessment of learning at various levels and with different methods. It will also enable greater awareness of the issue of racism and promote multiculturalism and tolerance in the classrooms. In the long run the toolkit can be used at a European level by teachers, education professionals and youth workers. Professional collaboration between formal and non formal education will also be created, which is very positive in creating global strategies of education, inclusion and training of young people.

OBJECTIVES OF THE TC The main goal of this course is to expound the meaning of the concept of “covert racism”, which are its signs and how to fight it, and also to develop the necessary competences to create workshops based in non formal learning among the youngsters in the classroom. It is essential to develop these competences, thus ensuring the quality of the workshops in secondary schools and, furthermore, the educational work of teachers, educators and youth workers. The specific goals of this course are: – Understanding what covert racism is, its signs, and how to act when detected – Developing facilitation and non formal educational approach strategies to address the issue of racism and discrimination in the classroom – Learning how to resolve conflicts, and create safe and prejudice-free educational settings – Sharing the needs, good practice, and challenges we face as education workers in terms of racism and discrimination among youngsters – Creating synergies between formal and non formal education in the fight against covert racism

Financial conditions:

–   Food, accommodation and activities are 100% covered by the project

–   Travel costs are 100% covered by the project up to a maximum of  €275

–  “Quota associativa YouNet”: €50. These membership fees should be paid only by confirmed participants and give them the status of YouNet’s member and access to all our benefits.

As a result of the participation in this project, will be issued a European certification (“Youthpass”) certifying the skills gained and valid for the European CV.

In order to take part in the selection process, please fill out the following online form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: The selected participants will be contacted by email. For any information, please contact: