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Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

SVE in America Latina, Africa, Asia

YouNet NGO is looking for volunteers for 1 year EVS projects already approved  in Latin America, Africa, Asia:

Title: Youth volunteering for Environment: Active and Healthy lifestyles

Programme: Youth in Action

Action 2: European Voluntary Service

Reference number: 547492-2-IT-2013-R2

The general description of the project:

YEAH involves 24 volunteers coming from 11 sending organizations throughout all Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Slovakia) in 6 hosting organizations in  Latin America (El Salvador), Africa (Ghana, Uganda, The Gambia, Malawi) and Asia (India).  The overseas organizations are linked together by the international network AMAIDI. Each service will last 12 months with El Salvador starting the 1st of May 2014,  Ghana and Uganda the 1st of June 2014 and Gambia, Malawi and India the 1st of July 2014. The main themes of the project are the following: health, social inclusion, education through outdoor and sport activities, environment, children and youth. YEAH aims to contribute to shape a more intercultural, more caring and more tolerant generation. For this reason the target of all the service are youth and kids thus involving not only the 24 volunteers but many more of them. The focus is on stimulate more active and healthier lifestyles starting from sport, outdoor and environmental activities. YEAH has a strong and wide intercultural dimension involving 4 continents and many backgrounds fostering tolerance and appreciation of diversity. Through environmental and educational volunteering and active involvement of volunteers YEAH aims to foster a more aware and motivated participation of youths in the society using the positive experience of the EVS and sport as a lever. Social inclusion is at the top of the YEAH’s aims. Education (through outdoor activities) and health are the two tools chosen to fight poverty and marginalization and YEAH aims to have a long-lasting impact both on the volunteers and on the youth and kids.

Venues and dates (click on the link to see the description of the projects):

–          El Salvador, from 1st of May (project description)

–          Ghana, from 1st of June (project description)

–          Uganda, from 1st of June (project description)

–          India, from 1st of July (project description)

–          Malawi, from 1st of July (project description)

–          Gambia, from 1st of July (project description)

Criteria of selection:

Volunteers will be selected on the base of the motivation and affinity with Host Organisation mission and activities. The final EVS selection will be done by the hosting organizations.

Only the selected youths will be contacted, no public rankings will be published. The selections will be based on motivation and fit not on qualifications. It is possible to apply only for one project.

Procedure of selection:

First part of selection based on the application form, second one based on skype interview.

To apply, send the application form (download_application), to before 10th of February 2014.

For more info, write to