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Sede operativa

Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

Sede legale

Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

SVE a Pau, Francia

Place: Pau, Francepau

Date:  1st of October 2014
Duration: 10 months
Name HO Pistes Solidaire
Name SO YouNet
Number of volunteers and gender 1
Theme(s) Youth, European awareness
Volunteer profile The volunteers must be motivated to participate in such a project. They must be interested in the fields of animation and non-formal education. Please precise in your application if you have a driving licence.
Dates 01/10/2014-31/07/2015
Place Pau, France
Title L’Europe s’invite
Contest and environment Pistes Solidaires is a non-profit organization (registered charity law 1901) recognized by the European Commission as an ENGO (European Non-Governmental Organisation), committed to developing fair, sustainable and solidarity-based social, cultural, educational and economical exchanges. Pistes Solidaires facilitates the exchange of knowledge, skills and behaviours that promote justice and equality in an intercultural society and interdependent world and aim to heighten the awareness of global issues. Pistes-Solidaires develops a lot of European projects in the fields of youth and lifelong learning. In 2013, the organization has received the “Europe Direct Information Centre” label from the European Commission, in order to raise awareness about EU and in which way it has an impact on our daily life. More info here:
Accommodation description The volunteers will live in a flat rented by Pistes-Solidaires in the city centre of Pau. They will share the flat with other people involved in the projects of the hosting organization. The flat is fully equipped (Internet connexion, washing machine, 5 bedrooms, living room,…).
Food allowance Each month, the volunteers will receive money for food (200€)
Local Transport They will have access to the local transportation (bus and bicycle). In addition, they will receive 40€ per month from the Regional Council
Pocket money 115€ per month
Travel cost 100% up to 275€ (return ticket)
Emergency number Magali Lansalot:
Country Currency Euro


The volunteers’ timetable will correspond to the opening hours of Pistes-Solidaires (9:00-12:OO – 14:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday). However, schedules can be shifted according to events taking place some evenings or weekends.


In case you are interested in taking part on this EVS please send us your motivation letter and CV in English to as soon as possible. The hosting organisation will take care of the selection.