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Seminario in Francia: Europe at the time of the Arab Spring

Which choice about migration, freedom of expression, religion and women rights ?

Participanti: YouNet cerca 1 partecipante per un seminario in Francia a Cognac.

Titolo: Europe at the time of the Arab Spring; which choice about migration, freedom of expression, religion and women rights?

Tipo di progetto: Seminario

Date: 23/02-01/03/2014

Luogo: Cognac, FranciaCognac

Maghreb with or without Europe ? The 2011 Maghreb insurrections have underlined, as if it was necessary, the different faces of this question which is, at the same time, a true and a false problem. On one hand, they seem testify the failing of the Euro-Mediterranean politics from the Barcelona Process to the Mediterranean Union. On the other hand, the persistence of changing dynamics, migration projects, circulation of ideas, etc., testify the depth of interconnections between Maghreb and Europe.

Of course it is very hard thinking Maghreb without Europe, and making a question like this can appear really provocative. In reality we are not suggesting a break between the two (Maghreb and Europe), because it is clear that it would be simply unrealistic, given the numerous relations between the two – good relations (periods of exchange and peaceful cooperation) and even bad relations (conflicts or tensions) – are strong and we cannot even ignore them, because of the geographical proximity.

By bringing together community leaders and opinion leaders, ADIF plans to mobilize citizens on this issue and working on the international mobility of young people. We also want to use this meeting to boost cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean. We intend to bring together journalists, politicians, official association to deepen the reflections, often highly political and determining between our two peoples. These meetings will be in the form of seminars, with a series of large-scale conference to democratize the debate between the two continents and bringing people together.

The seminar will be also an opportunity to experience large-scale conferences in streaming online. The WebTV will serve to spread the word and get people involved in various conferences and participate through the website. WEBTV The team will be strengthened by the project partners.

Condizioni economiche:

  • Vitto, alloggio, attività sono coperte al 100% dall’associazione ospitante
  •  Viaggio A/R è coperto al 70% dall’associazione ospitante
  • Quota partecipazione: 50€ all’organizzazione di invio (da versare solo se selezionati)

A seguito della partecipazione verrà rilasciata una certificazione europea attestante le competenze conseguite, valida ai fini del CV europeo.

Per partecipare basta compilare questo formulario entro il 19 gennaio.

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