Scambio giovanile in Serbia: Practicing Citizenship Making a Change

YouNet cerca 4 partecipanti ed un group leader per uno scambio giovanile in Serbia, vicino Belgrade.

Età: 18-25Serbia

Titolo: Practising Citizenship Making a Change

Tipo di progetto: Scambio giovanile

Date: 10-18/02/2014

Luogo: Suplja Setna, Belgrado, Serbia

Paese coinvolti: Serbia, Croazia, Italia, Romania, Turchia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.


All societies are based on their citizens. If we want to build a Europe that considers its citizens the foundation of any progress and development, we need to create and nurture a culture of participation. It is our deep conviction that this society must create space for the ones that are coming, the ones that will inherit it and carry it on their shoulders one day, the European youth. Active participation of young people in our societies is first of all a learning process where equality of opportunities has to be ensured, mutual understanding among young people promoted, intercultural learning and active citizenship should be cornerstones. The planned YE ‘’Practicing Citizenship – Making a Change’’ is aimed to bring together trainers, youth workers and interested young people from EU27 and SEE countries to discuss the meaning of youth participation and volunteering in order to give new impulses for European Citizenship Education, to share possible ways to break the issue down for the practice in international youth work and to come up with creative ideas and support for practitioners in the international youth field. The YE will provide the occasion to share experiences, foster sustainable partnerships, support capacity building and contribute to the exploration of new working methods and strategies thus improving the quality of future projects and activities. The methods used will be based on the principles and practise of non-formal education taking into account the needs, motivations and previous experiences of the participants. Further the YE will provide space for debate, individual and group reflection, and encourage exchange of best practices. Finally the project will support the participants to explore the opportunities of EACEA’s Youth Programme and to establish new contacts and create stable partnerships among organisations and to create new projects. The YE will take place in Šuplja stena, Belgrade, Serbia.

Condizioni economiche:

–   Vitto, alloggio, attività sono coperte al 100% dall’associazione ospitante

–   Viaggio A/R è coperto al 70% dall’associazione ospitante

–   Quota partecipazione: 50€ all’organizzazione di invio (da versare solo se selezionati)

A seguito della partecipazione verrà rilasciata una certificazione europea (“youthpass”) attestante le competenze conseguite, valida ai fini del CV europeo.

Per partecipare basta compilare questo formulario entro il 15 gennaio.

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