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Scambio giovanile in Moldavia: Discovery, Diversity, Development

Scambio giovanile in Moldavia YouNet cerca 4 partecipanti ed un group leader per uno scambio giovanile in Moldavia.

Title: 3D “Discovery, Diversity, Development”

Action: 3.1 Multilateral Youth Exchange

Place: Causeni, Moldova

Date: 20-29 December 2013

Age: 18-25



This Youth  Exchange    will  get  together  young  people  from  various  social, cultural  and  ethno-

racial  background  and  will    provide  them  with  social  tools  and  skills    which  could  help  the participants  to  raise  the  awareness  of  their  own  identity  and  culture;  to  cross  borders  to  other traditions, languages and mentalities by being actively involved with groups from other countries as well  as  to  find  out  and  understand  the  differences  and  to  be  proud    of  their  cultural  and personal identity. Another important thing is to learn about  prejudice in all kinds of situations and the way  to fight them. These objectives will lead to achieving personal, social and professional development.


This  project    will    enable  young  people    to  lead    discussions  about  different  cultures  and traditions, the religion and  ethics,  to learn about  different countries’  mentality, stereotypes, education, as well as about  gender equality. The music, the traditional dances of all the partner groups will be shown and learnt by all the participants  during the project. The participants will take part in  lectures, team games, workshops and discussions about all the unique cultures. As well  we  are  preparing  activities  with  the  aim  of  learning  Europe  better  :  quiz,  building  maps, sport  games,  round  table,  open  discussions,  presenting  traditional  histories,  workshops  and outdoor  activities.  We  will  have  a  special  day  about  mixing  cultures  and  combine  people  from different  background.    The  main  topic  of  our  exchange  is  discovering  cultures  and  learn  new ethics, arts and traditions. During the project we will build bridges between the European Youth and  we  will  promote  the  volunteering  and  the  values  of  our  common  future  in  Europe.  Also during the project  the participants will organize intercultural nights where all the partner groups will  present  their    own  country,  their  culture,  traditional  foods,  drinks,    national  music  and dances.

Participants will have the great opportunity to celebrate Christmas in Moldova !!!


Condizioni economiche:

–           Vitto, alloggio, attività sono coperte al 100% dall’associazione ospitante

–           Viaggio A/R è coperto al 70% dall’associazione ospitante

–           Quota partecipazione: 40€ all’organizzazione di invio + 20€ all’organizzazione ospitante (da versare solo se selezionati)

A seguito della partecipazione verrà rilasciata una certificazione europea (“youthpass”) attestante le competenze conseguite, valida ai fini del CV europeo.


Per partecipare basta inviare la propria candidatura a allegando CV e motivation letter in inglese, entro il 29 novembre. L’oggetto della mail dovrà essere il titolo del progetto: “3D: Discovery, Diversity, Development”.