YE “Acting Youth Exchange II” in Romania

“Acting Youth Exchange” Youth Exchange

Milcoveni, Romania

24 July – 2 August  2015


  YouNet è alla ricerca di 5 partecipanti (tra i 18-30) e 1 group leader  (senza limite di età) per uno scambio giovanile svolto in Romania sui temi dell’occupazione giovanile e l’imprenditorialità giovanile.


Participants’ age and profile: 5 youths aged between 18-30 years old Group leader: no age limit and previous experience with non-formal education

Type of project: Youth Exchange funded by the European programme Erasmus+ Dates: 27 July – 2 August 2015

Place: Milcoveni, Romania

Hosting organisation:  Nevo Parudimos è un’organizzazione apolitica no-profit che è stata fondata da un gruppo di docenti, attivisti e studenti nel 2008, nella parte sud-ovest della Romania.Lo scopo dell’associazione è quello di diminuire le differenze economiche, sociali, educative e culturali nella società:

Involved countries: Romania, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands and Poland


What is a Youth Exchange?

A Youth Exchange is an international European programme funded through the Erasmus+ programme that involves one or more groups of participants from 2 or more countries, hosted by a hosting organization, taking part in a series of activities. This is not a Training Course, nor is it a Seminar. Youth Exchanges are aimed to make young people aware of different social and cultural differences. Each project may focus on different topics such as the environment, healthy lifestyles, art, culture, technology, racism and discrimination etc. but the main aspect of YEs is the sharing and learning through experience, because it is the active participation that allows you to truly know the Other. By comparing different points of view, cultures, traditions the participants show and reflect about their differences and especially about their similarities. Friendship, companionship and solidarity are far more important than the topic itself. Bear this in mind before you decide to apply.

Want to know more? Check out our video dedicated to Youth Exchanges:

Description: The main objective we want to address with this project is the youth unemployment.

The general objectives are:

–        To develop the cooperation between 10 youth NGO’s from 10 countries –        To understand better the situation of youth unemployment in Europe –        To develop the cooperation and youth participation to fight unemployment between youngsters

–        To promote non formal education and practical life learning for 120 young people

–        To promote tolerance and understanding between 120 youngsters

Financial conditions:

–           Food, accommodation and activities are 100% covered by the project

–           Travel costs are 100% covered by the project up to a maximum of  €170

–           “Quota associativa YouNet”: €50. These membership fees should be paid only by confirmed participants and give them the status of YouNet’s member and access to all our benefits. As a result of the participation in this project, will be issued a European certification (“Youthpass”) certifying the skills gained and valid for the European CV.

In order to take part in the selection process, please fill out the form below by 10/06/2015: Only the selected participants will be contacted after the deadline.

For more information, contact: