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Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

E se me ne andassi in Polonia per un po’?

E che ne dite di qualche mese in Polonia??

L’associazione Semper Avanti sta cercando dei/lle volontar* SVE per i progetti da presentare alla prossima scadenza “Youth in Action” l’1 Febbraio (progetto non ancora approvato)

In particolare:

1 persona per il progetto “ZHP”
scarica l’opuscolo informativo
Abstract: “Hufiec Wroclaw (ZHP) is a polish scouting and guiding association that organizes activities for over 8.000 children and youth. The association can rely on psychologists and pedagogues so it is well qualified in helping children with social and economic difficulties.
The volunteers will have the opportunity to carry out too many activities with children and youth like games, workshops, plays, sports, outdoors as well as cultural, art and musical events. They will also develop various social skills and learn outdoor techniques, like putting up tents, preparing orienteering games, walks with children in forest, archery, fire works, preparing craft workshops, building shelters in forest with youth, observing animals with group, sailing, first aid workshops”

1 persona per il progetto “KARAN”
scarica l’opuscolo informativo
Abstract: “Typical activities for a volunteer are:
·helping children and youth with spending after-class-time in a creative way organizing games, plays, sports and outdoor activities (f.e. music and sport events, playing games, painting, taking photographs and making sculptures)
·preparing materials, taking part and running many kinds of thematic workshops as well as cultural, art and musical events for children and youth,
·helping with child care and every day life services.”

4 persone per il progetto “OSTOJA”
scarica l’opuscolo informativo
Abstract:”Specifically for the tasks at The Rehabilitation-Educative Centre for Children with Deep Intellectual Handicap and at Local House of Mutual Aid there are hard disabled children, so volunteers will work with the help of special educators in feeding, dressing, stimulating the kids etc. (mostly physical work).”

4 persone per il progetto “Multicultural Language Cafe”
scarica l’opuscolo informativo qui
Abstract:”Main activities proposed to the volunteers are connected with creating a place where children and youth can spend after-class-time in a creative way through developing their interests and cooperation in a group. The activities run by the volunteers will be organized in a Multicultural Language Café, a kind of children and youth club, where most of the events will take place.
• creating and running workshops in the area of intercultural dialogue, tolerance and human rights
• animating free time of youth giving them a chance to experience the diversity of Europe.
• organizing activities like watching films, discussions, presentation, local cultural events such as: happenings, little performances, making movies, photography, exhibitions, karaoke”

2 persone per il progetto “Mediateka”
scarica l’opuscolo informativo
Abstract: “Activities of the volunteers:
•Participation in the everyday tasks connected with the librarian job (library archives’ selection and succession, archives’ security with magnetic strips and bar codes, stamping and labeling, classification, ordering different sorts of archives on the shelves, operation with modern library system, direct service, promotion of library archives. etc).
•Finding out info on request (browsers, local database, bibliographic information).
• Help with using internet cafe and preparing web-site of Mediateka.
• Promotion of events taking place in Mediateka.
• Holding „Language Cafe” – the conversations in mother tongue of volunteer for local community.
• Help in preparing educational classes for children in MultiCentrum cooperation programme.
• Help in preparing and organizing exhibitions and cultural events”

2 persone per il progetto “Oleśnica”
scarica l’opuscolo informativo
Abstract: “Volunteers will help by preparing materials for activities and running the activities,
• Focusing on collaboration with teachers and educators who are working in boarding school (over 120 persons) and are available 24h in the castle,
• Helping school educators to organise free time for students,
• Organising cultural events, artistic workshops, outdoor or indoor sport activities, language lessons, EVS promotion or UE knowledge presentation
(discussions about the values and problems)
• EVS promotion in Oleśnica’s schools, local newspapers and Internet,
• Computer classes, actualisation of the website, writing a blog”

2 persone per il progetto “Żmigród”
Scarica l’opuscolo informativo per il progetto Zmigród
abstract: “Srodowiskowy Dom Samopococy w Zmigrodzie ( The House of Self-Support for adults in Zmigrod), is a day being place for people with mental or intellectual disability. In this project we want international volunteers with new energy and views to help us, helping others. In return you will get knowledge about other cultures, learn foreign language and become more open minded.”

Se avete domande potete contattare la referente polacca dell’associazione Malwina Kwasniewska alla mail: oppure a

Ricordatevi di scrivere “Younet-Italy” come “sending organization” :)
DEADLINE: 9 Gennaio 2013